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President Donald J. Trump Gives His Inaugural Address

The Final Press Conference from Sheriff Joe Arpaio held on December 15, 2016
Obama's Birth Certificate Forgery

Peter Boyles Show - Dec. 16, 2016
Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret) on Obama's life

Peter Boyles Show - Dec. 16, 2016
Jerry Corsi talking about Obama's life

9 POINT of Proof that Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud - MCSO Press Release

The Final Press Conference from Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be held on December 15, 2016
Obama's Birth Certificate and Other Documents are a Forgery
The Live Feed Link will be posted here when it is released

Lawless: The Age of Obama

CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog

Michael Moore gave this speech as part of his new Pro-Hillary movie which confused a lot of people. Why would he give a Pro-Trump speech if he was trying to promote Hillary?

The North American Law Center Constitution Accountability Coalition of Tennessee Stephen Pidgeon Attorney at Law, P.S.

It was announced (3-20-16) on the TNALC Radio show that in the past 48 hours we have been notified that Congress will bring forward Articles of Impeachment. We should hear something within the next 7-10 days. So we need to do a couple of things. If you want to see Obama impeached and hopefully removed and put in prison you need to call your US House Rep. and let them know you support the North American Law Center Articles of Impeachment. AND The North American Law Center needs our financial help. We will probably be required to send Stephen Pidgeon and JB to DC during this process. PLEASE go to and DONATE today.
To listen to the show please go to:


Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama Link: Articles-of-Impeachment-of-Barack-Hussein-Obama.pdf

We have been working so hard for this moment now we all need to step up!!!

As we approach the submitting of the Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama we ask you to contact your Congressmen for help Today.

 Thank You for visiting site 2. This is NOT a Birther website. We are not claiming that Obama was born in Kenya, although there is an almost overwhelming amount of evidence to prove that he was.

 The purpose of the site is to bring to the attention of its visitors events and policies that affect our freedoms, our liberties and our very country itself. This is a conservative site. I don’t apologize for America or for being an American. In fact, I am very proud of my country and believe the world is a better place to live in because of its existence. Do we make mistakes? Yes, we do. Are we an honest people who strive to let the truth be known to others not as fortunate as we are? Yes, we are. Typically, one of the major exceptions to these rules is the Mainstream Liberal Media, who seem to report only what stands to keep them in business.

 One of the main purposes of this site is to bring to light to a largely unaware public the fraudalent documents that the President as presented as "so-called" qualifications allowing him to run and maintain his position as the leader of this country. In this site, you will find video testimonies and graphics of the fraudulent birth certificate and selective service card. The birth certificate is STILL found on the White House website.

 Sheriff Joe Arpaio was asked to look into these matters by the Arizona Tea Party after Obama released his birth certificate in 2008. Graphic artists, former CIA forgery experts, type setters / reading material publishers and computer experts reviewed the piece within hours of its release. Virtually every expert pronounced it a poorly fabricated forgery.

 The first clue to hit me was the halos around the letters that just jumped out at me, they were that obvious. Halos, which produce a ghostly or glowing effect, will appear around the edges of a particular selection when it has been lifted from another selection or document with either a white or off-white background.

 The second glaring question mark was the fact that his father was listed as an "African". I was born in the 1950’s myself and today’s African-American people were referred to as "negro" or "black" during that time period.

 We will show you much more evidence than this and let you decide for yourselves.

 To make a presentation to your local authorities all the way up to your individual Congressmen, please feel free to download the Sheriff’s Kit and distribute it wherever you feel it would have the greatest impact. Please share this website with as many other individuals as you can! Make a link to it in your own personal site; save it in your Favorites; put it in your blog or anywhere else you feel it would get as much coverage as possible.
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All Presidents Eligible After Article II Grandfather
Clause Born In U.S. To Two U.S. Citizen Parents

Picture of our trip to D.C. for Presentation of the Sheriff’s Kits

Picture of Cheryl Surber with Sheriff Joe Arpaio holding Sheriff’s Kit DVD

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